Vaselline petroleum jelly I Hacks & Benefits

I am sure most of you all might be having a jar of petroleum jelly lying around any of your house corner,some of you might not count it into a essential item neglecting it’s a worth ,most of you limit it’s use to lips and cracked heels only,but today I will tell you how versatile this small jar is and I am sure after reading this post you will buy a jar of yours immediately..

Vaselline is arguably a  multi tasker  and is known to fix many of the beauty and skincare problems.

1. Love longer looking lashes

Some people are allergic towards mascara and many  don’t love mascara, but still crave t for defined lashes, in this case you can simply coat your lashes with a little Vaseline  Petroleum jelly ,it not only leaves lashes conditioned, but it’s even believed to help them grow faster also it provides a glossy finish to the lashes.


2. Use it to restore cracked heels.

Apply  a generous amount of Vaseline on dry feet, throw on a pair of  socks and leave them on overnight for super smooth skin the next morning.You can even use it to soften rough and dry hands.


3.Replace it with a face highlighter/ It gives you a natural glow.

As an alternative to shimmering highlighters, dab a little on the cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose,lips and under brows for a natural highlighted glow.


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4. Prevent scars from forming.

If you accidentally burn yourself with a curling iron (happens to the best of us), try applying a thin layer of Vaseline over the wound to minimize future scarring.

5. It helps prevents the hair color from seeping into your forehead

I am sure most of you land up into staining your ears and forehead each time you color your hair,to help prevent that just apply a layer of Vaseline along your hairline and ears to protect it from staining while applying hair color.


6. Use it as a cuticle cream.

You must have seen in my earlier post how helpful this jelly is for repairing the cuticles ,if not then you can check right away ( )


7. You won’t find a more hydrating face cream

While it’s not as cosmetically elegant as your usual face creams, Vaseline is actually a great heavy duty moisturizer (don’t worry, it’s noncomedogenic) and works wonders on dehydrated skin in dry weather.


8.  lip balm.

The most obvious use of this jelly is to repair those cracked and chappy lips and help  to moisturize them and is also  a great primer under drying lipsticks.

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9. Create a DIY body luminizer.

Mix one part Vaseline with one part liquid highlighter and apply to your collarbones, tops of shoulders and along your shins for gorgeous, glowing skin.

10. DIY  lipsticks.

Turn loose pigments or crumbled eye shadows into custom lip tints by mixing them with a little Vaseline


11. Tame those baby hairs

High pony tails and buns are in fashion ,but tired of those baby hairs??
Rub a pinch between your palms and smooth it over your strands,it would give you a sleek straighter look..

-Tame those flyaways by brushing them away using a clean toothbrush dabbed in a little Vaseline.


12. Open stubborn nail polish bottles.

Apply a layer of Vaseline along the rim of the bottle cap and twist firmly.


13. Repair split ends.

Just a dab it on your split ends ,it would not only nourish them but also adds  instant shine and smooth tips.


14. Set straggly brows.

Use a spoolie with a little bit of Vaseline to groom arches into place.


15. Transform matte eye-shadows.

Prime lids with petroleum jelly before applying matte shadows to give them an instantly glossy sheen.

16. Remove eye makeup.

Dip a cotton swab into Vaseline for a gentle way to erase budge-proof mascara, liner and even false lashes.


17. Make your perfume last longer.

Rub a tiny amount of Vaseline onto the areas you normally spritz your fragrance, then apply your scent as usual. It adheres better to petroleum jelly than skin for greater longevity.


18. Prevent heel blisters.

Petroleum jelly acts as a soothing agent that minimize the friction in the inner sole of the shoe & prevent it from coarsely grazing your feet.


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Your Thoughts…

Share with me in the comment section below Which is the best possible hack that works for you??? Also let me know if you guys know some of more hacks…

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  1. I came over from Christy’s blog and so glad I did! As I was reading, I was like, huh. I don’t have any Vaseline in the house. I NEED SOME VASELINE! My husband is at the store and I just texted him to get some. :’D Thank you for this post. Have a wonderful day!

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