Suffering from dry, chapped lips!!!! Well trust me this is the most obvious case with many of us..So what to do?? We do focus on our skincare the most but at times neglect those flaky lips, you need not to spend quite a lot for achieving beautiful rosy lips even you can scroll down your […]


Things to do during Quarantine

“COVID – 19” well this term is all over internet, news so I am sure each one of you are being aware of the huge pandemic situation the world is in today. Its gonna be almost 20 days since I have been quarantined myself away from my work and colleagues. While the nation is going […]

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Well summers are here and most of the cities are already facing scorching heat and humid conditions, besides from sunscreens one other major essentials are face mist. Face mists not only give you a boost of freshness but also leaves your skin hydrated and glowing all day. Today I am gonna be reviewing such a […]



Crossed yet another milestone and earned 200 followers ..with a continuing source of motivation you guys made me cross my second milestone.I can’t thank you all enough for being there with me and for showing your faith and love…Your lovely comments make me realise that my work is being accepted by you guys in any […]

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Beauty & Hair Benefits using EGGS

In today’s time women are very much conscious about their looks. In the quest of looking beautiful, women start using myriad cosmetic products on their hair and face. Although cosmetic products can beautify you temporarily, but they can invite a host of side effects too, which results in damaging your skin texture over time. Egg […]

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Benefits of green tea for skin

You must have heard about variety of health benefits of green tea but did you hear about its beauty benefits?I probably don’t have to specifically explain the goodness of green tea. It has been accepted the world over for its health benefits. Regular consumption of green tea will help you getting a very glowing and […]

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Benefits of rosewater

Wondering why rose water has found a place in every Indian household? It’s simple. Rose water is undoubtedly beauty’s magic potion, and remarkably versatile. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, rose water can be added to your beauty regime. That’s what makes it a beauty secret or rather a secret weapon of women […]

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